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Smoking Healthy

Modern technology has given us alternative solutions to all the harsh and deadly chemicals produced from traditional cigarette smoke. Yes, you can now enjoy smoking an electric cigarette or cigar without the harmful toxins.

A lot of smokers have tried the electronic cigarette and did not like it. Many people complained about how hard they had to inhale on the cigarette to get the smoke to come out. There were also complaints about the feel of the hard plastic, metal, or porcelain in their mouth. We specialize in catering to our clients every need and offer a soft tip disposable cigarette along with the new Premium soft tip E-Cigar.

Here at Innovative Smoking Solutions we offer a variety of Electric smoking products that give you a healthier choice, increase your energy and stamina, and most important relieve you from all the harmful toxins related to tradition smoking.

We also offer very competitive prices on all our products including the ego tanks, lava tanks and E-Juice. Join our Smoking Healthy Club and receive amazing discounts. With the purchase of any of our E-Cigars, E-cigarettes, Ego tanks,  lava tanks, or E-Juice you automatically become a member that will enjoy amazing discounts. 


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